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Hogan Trading


100 S Main, Moab

A collection of many High-End items. Especially handmade or unique finds. Handmade jewelry by local artists. We have found some neat pottery here.


Arches Trading Post


50 S Main St, Moab

Lots of great affordable T-Shirts here. Sizes and options for everyone.


Desert Wild


79 N Main St, Moab

This and the store next door have great boutique items for clothing and gear. I did most of my Christmas shopping here this year.


Moab Made


82 N Main St, Moab

A MUST when shopping downtown. Lots of great small items in here that are totally unique. 




Back of Beyond Books


83 N Main St, Moab

Great bookstore, maps and all other things you just might need. 


Moab Gear Trader


300 S Main St, Moab

Great for all your outdoor gear needs. Often able to find 2nd hand items. 



Walker Drug


290 S Main St, Moab

Walker drug has everything from pharmacy items to sporting goods. 



Village Market


702 S Main St, Moab

Higher end grocery shopping and often less busy than other shopping in town.


City Market Grocery


702 S Main St, Moab

Your local Kroger grocery store.



Moonflower Community Co-Op


39 E 100th N, Moab

Great for those with specialty diets. Lots of local and organic goods. 


Moab Regional Hospital


450 Williams Way, Moab

Emergency Room


Moab Regional Urgent Care


476 Williams Way, Moab

Urgent Care attached to the Hospital Building


Spanish Valley Clinic


555 Old Airport Road, Moab

Urgent Care just down the street from Levi's Landing